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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of Colorado's current political climate?  Are you feeling frustrated with politics as usual, the current state of our schools, the lack of jobs in our state, the uncertainty of healthcare reform, water and energy concerns, and disenfranchisement of Colorado registered voters...will you receive your mail-in ballot? If your answer is YES to one or more, please join with us in our quest to elect someone who will carry our voices to the Capital, someone who will actually represent us...all of us, not just their political party.

Be part of the team, be part of something big, be part of history. The time has come to elect someone who will actually represent our douglas county voice!

Together we can do this! Join the committee to elect Holly Gorman! We are canvassing and making phone calls everyday from now until Election Day. Let us know how you want to get involved by filling out the form below, giving us a call at 720-432-JOBS (5627) or contact me by email.

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Election Dates

October 9
Registration deadline to vote in General Election

October 22 - November 2 
Early Voting for General Election

November 6
General Election Day