Issues & Priorities

  • Jobs in Colorado +

    • We need to invest in a broad energy portfolio, creating jobs from both renewable and traditional energy sources.  This means an “all of the above” approach.
    • We need to keep Colorado tax dollars in Colorado!  We need to support and sustain businesses that create jobs in our state—not companies that outsource to foreign countries.
    • We need to support our small businesses through small business grants and resources to help them plan to succeed.  We also need to make it easier, not harder for them to provide healthcare for their employees.
    • We need to make sure businesses that are considering bringing jobs into Douglas County have a simple process to do so and support from state and local government.
  • Education and Training +

    • We need to invest in education and training that includes increased early childhood education, full day kindergarten for all students, and access to affordable post-secondary education to keep all people equipped for today and tomorrow.
    • We need our students to be ready for a 21st century international marketplace, and that means improving our four-year institutions, in addition to increasing our vocational schools that are preparing students to enter the workforce.
    • We need to increase support for job training programs so that those who have lost a job can learn the skills necessary for the 21st century economy.
    • We need to stop spending our hard-earned tax dollars on testing that takes up quality teaching time, limits valuable learning, stresses our kids out, and provides no incentive to our kids.
  • Healthcare +

    Now that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has been deemed constitutional, we will see changes to our healthcare system. This is one of many situations where politics has gotten in the way of practicality.

    • We need to work together to make sure that the implementation of Obamacare doesn’t come at the expense of our working families and small businesses.
  • Energy +

    • We need to develop a broad energy portfolio of renewable and traditional energy to not only create jobs, but is essential in moving our state and nation forward.
    • We must eliminate our reliance on foreign oil through domestic exploration and increased investment in renewable sources.
  • Money +

    Too often our politicians focus on their pet projects and personal agendas.  As your State Senator, I'll be accountable to you—and only you, not special interests, and not my own agenda.

    • We must STOP government waste, corruption, and special interests.  They all go hand in hand, and neither party is innocent when it comes to wasteful spending.
    • We need to put aside party politics and focus on the needs of our state first, funding only the programs necessary to making our state thrive.


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October 9
Registration deadline to vote in General Election

October 22 - November 2 
Early Voting for General Election

November 6
General Election Day